Natural Stockcare has been supplying livestock nutrition and feed supplements to the farming industry for more than 25 years.

Several generations of farmers across the UK and Ireland have relied on our products to ensure superior livestock performance. Our team provides products and services that enable farmers to maximize the potential income from their livestock. Natural Stockcare products can help prevent ill health in animals and promote optimal animal growth. Farmers can cut veterinary visits, make their livestock more profitable, and produce healthier animals.

We have extensive experience in blending all-natural ingredients to boost livestock performance. Natural Stockcare, with over 25 years of experience supporting the farming sector, has built an unrivalled reputation for excellence in maintaining and improving animal health. Only pharmaceutical-grade vitamins are used in the manufacturing process of our products. The liquid formulation of these products makes them completely soluble and bioavailable to animals. We are known for the effectiveness and power of our products in improving animal health. Our products have been approved according to Department of Agriculture standards in Great Britain and Ireland, as well as EU regulations. We manufacture all of our products in-house to ensure consistency of quality. We have been attained GMP+ certification which is a true testament to our manufacturing standards and the quality of our staff.

With the assistance of the farming community, we developed our product line. We will continue to work with farmers as they are an integral part of our business at Natural Stockcare. It is our objective to fully understand how to combat particular deficiencies in animals. The product line of the company is continually evolving based on trends in the agricultural industry. We will continue to offer innovative solutions through partnerships with leading institutions, manufacturers, and researchers throughout the world. Our mission will always be to provide farmers with unmatched solutions that will increase the profitability of their livestock. If farmers experience problems with their livestock health, we are always available to assist them with bespoke solutions.