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At Birth nutritional supplement for calfs

At Birth

For calves in the first critical days of life


30g Syringe 300g Syringe


Orally administer 30g (contents of 1 small syringe) into the back of the animal’s mouth within the first twelve hours of life.

At Birth is an easy to use nutritional supplement containing egg proteins, vitamins, minerals and probiotics vital for calves in the first critical days of life. Together with oligosaccharides in a unique high-energy carrier that aids assimilation.

Administered as an insurance measure, protecting the calf from attack by pathogenic viral strains leading to disease. Also the probiotic endeavours to establish beneficial bacteria in the gut, ensuring the best start in life for the calf.


  • Contains a probiotic, to colonise the gut with beneficial bacteria.
  • Contains Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS), which provide unique nutrients for utilisation only by beneficial bacteria.
Vitamins Quantity (mg) Minerals   Quantity (mg)
Vitamin E 2,000 EI Iron 500
Vitamin B1 200 E4 Copper 180
Vitamin B6 100 E6 Zinc 180
Vitamin B12 150 ES Manganese 60
Niacin 1,000 ES Selenium 6

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