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Calcium Action

A complimentary feed of 45g calcium in a fast and slow release to help manage milk fever.




For oral administration as a drench.


600ml pre calving
600ml at calving time
600ml 12 hours post calving
600ml 24 hours post calving

Shake well before use.

Calcium Action is a complementary feedingstuff of concentrated Calcium in a unique formulation to help manage milk fever.

Calcium levels are at their lowest 6 – 12 hours pre calving and 18 – 24 hours post calving, delivering 4 x 500 ml of Calcium Action at 9 – 12 hour intervals during this period of risk will help avoid milk fever in cows.



Composition Analytical Constituents
Calcium (sulphate & chloride): 25% Moisture: 53%
Magnesium chloride: 7% Crude Ash: 15.1%
Dextrose: 4% Sodium: 1.4%
Propylene glycol: 4% Magnesium: 1%
Potassium chloride: 3.8% Crude Fibre: <0.1%
Sodium chloride: 3.5% Crude Protein: <0.1%
Aniseed oil: 0.1% Crude Oil & Fat: <0.1%



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