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Cobalt B 12 with Selenium

Encourages weight gains and combats the effects of anaemia


250ml 1 Ltr 2.5 Ltr 5 Ltr 20 Ltr


Orally as a drench, mix into milk or water or top dress.

Minimum analytical constituents per 1 ml:

  • Cobalt (from Chloride) – 10mg
  • Vitamin B12 – 200mcg
  • Selenium (from Sodium Selenite) – 0.25mg


Apply as a top dress on feed, drench or by adding to drinking water as required but do not repeat for more than 4 – 6 week intervals. Cobalt Bl 2 may be used at worming time to avoid unnecessary handling and stress to animals.

If in doubt consult your veterinary surgeon.

Feeding Guide

  • Lambs – 2.5ml
  • Calves – 5ml
  • Sheep – 5ml
  • Adult Cattle – 20ml

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