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Grow A Drop Plus

Designed to maximise animal health, performance and aid good livestock management. Zero Copper.


250ml 1 Ltr 2.5 Ltr 5 Ltr


Orally as a drench – mix into milk, water or top dress.

Grow A Drop Plus is designed to prevent general Trace Element deficiencies in cattle and lambs that can go undetected. For ease of application and safety, Grow A Drop Plus liquid is designed to be totally water miscible.

Grow A Drop Plus complements good livestock management and is designed to maintain general mineral status in cattle and sheep. For ease of application and safety, Grow A Drop Plus liquid is designed to be 100% soluble in water. Each measured application is guaranteed to be the exact formulation.

Each 5ml dose is guaranteed to be the exact formulation:

Vitamin A – 22,500iu
Vitamin D3 – 4,500iu
Vitamin E Acetate – 150mg
Vitamin B1 – 8mg
Vitamin B2 – 5mg
Vitamin B6 – 3.3mg
Vitamin B12 – 25mcg
Pantothenic Acid – 5mg
Niacin – 250mg
Folic Acid – 5mg
Vitamin K – 1.7mg
Cobalt – 5mg
Manganese – 0.6mg
Zinc –  1.1mg
Iron – 9mg
Selenium – 1mg

Lambs and Ewes

Lambs (Day One) – 2ml
Lambs over 4 weeks – 7.5ml
Lambs at 8 weeks – 10ml
Lambs at 12 weeks – 10ml

Grow a Drop Plus – Repeat at 4 week intervals

EWES – 12.5ml


  1. Maintains Animal Immune System.
  2. Better Appetite and Feed conversion.
  3. Keeps animals Healthy and thriving from day one.
  4. Provides essential minerals and vitamins for extra growth rate and performance.
  5. Better wool quality.
  6. Less days to slaughter.
  7. Improved grades and carcase quality.
  8. Improves intake of Creep Feed.
  9. Can be used at worming time .
  10. No withdrawal for Meat or Milk.

Bucket Fed Calves

Grow a Drop Plus – 10ml per wk
Copper Cobalt – 3ml per wk

Repeat for 3 weeks

Grow a Drop Plus and Copper Cobalt may be added to milk, milk replacer or water.

Administer to calves at turnout and during grazing season at 5 weekly intervals (approx).

Usage Rate

Grow a Drop Plus – 5ml per 50kg
Copper Cobalt – 2ml per 50kg
Products can be administered at worming time etc.

The above programme can be used to achieve Target Growth Rates and Weight Gain in replacement stock. Programme should be continued into second season, i.e at Housing and Turn Out.

Suckler Calves

Grow a Drop Plus – 15ml > After 1st Fee
Copper Cobalt – 3ml > of Beastings

Grow a Drop Plus – 20ml > At 4 Weeks
Copper Cobalt – 5ml > Repeat at turnout and if possible during grazing season.

Usage Rate:

Grow a Drop Plus – 5ml per 50kg
Copper Cobalt – 2ml per 50kg


  1. Better Appetite, will drink and suckle more.
  2. Keep animals healthy and thriving.
  3. Improves Growth Rate and Performance.
  4. Animals look better i.e. good shiny coats.
  5. Get more animals to Marketplace faster.
  6. Better quality Grades and Kill Out.
  7. More animals achieve Top Grades.
  8. Better intake of Creep-Feed.
  9. Better animals – more profit.

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