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Hair & Horn

To encourage natural growth of hair and promote hoof development


4kg powder 10kg powder


Orally, mix 50g into feed daily, (2 level scoops)

A complementary feed supplement:

  • To encourage natural growth of hair on Show Cattle
  • To promote good hoof development
  • To put an all-round shine on Show Stock

The growth of hair and hoof horn in cattle is controlled by complex physiological mechanisms that are themselves controlled by a number of factors, including nutrition, hormones and photoperiod (day length)

Hair growth follows an annual cycle, shorter, thicker hairs in the summer with few secondary hairs and longer, finer winter coats to facilitate heat conservation are grown alternately in the response to the changing day length in spring and autumn. Hormones have a significant effect on hair growth, but the nutritional status of the individual animal can have a very direct effect on how much coat or hoof grows and also the quality of the hair and horn.

Hair growth continues throughout and also between the twice yearly coat sheds and stimulating the growth of strong, thick and longer hair can be significantly influenced by improving nutrition to provide, in a bio-available form, the essential precursor (‘building block’) substances for hair growth. The major diseases that can directly inhibit or slow hair follicle growth include nutritional deficiencies and correct attention to this aspect of management can produce significantly increased hair growth.

Hair & Horn has been formulated to provide quality nutritional sources of the essential precursors for hair growth including:

Biotin – a member of the B group of vitamins essential for the growth of hair and horn.

Zinc – present in three different forms, chelated to enhance bio-availability, so each animal can utilise the mineral in the form most appropriate to its nutritional status.

Sulphur – acts both to suppress molybdenum in the rumen and is essential to the production of the proteins of both hair and horn.

Methionine – an important amino acid with a key role in the formation of hair and horn.

Salt – enhances palatability and provides a source of sodium for maintenance of electrolyte balance.

The growth of hair can be affected by other physiological conditions affecting the animal, including pituitary dysfunction, ‘stress’ – which may be management related such as housing or changes to the herd, or direct challenges such as infection, injury or illness.


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