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Multivitamin and essential trace element drench for speedy natural growth


1 Ltr 2.5 Ltr 5 Ltr


Orally as a drench – mix into milk, water or top dress.

The all-in-one Oral Drench

Cattle can only grow and develop at a rate determined by the lowest deficiency or imbalance in the diet. Whilst some mineral deficiencies are easily seen in high producing stock, many deficiencies go undetected though significantly imparing performance and reducing profitability. Research and trials throughout the world have highlighted the close inter-relationship between minerals, farming practices and a number of significant profit losing conditions, notably non-specific infertility, regular under-performance, low disease resistance levels and sub-clinical deficiencies or imbalances.

MuscleVite, with its advanced liquid technology, is formulated to counter these profit losses by providing a nutritional boost to all cattle. MuscleVite incorporates all the essential factors critical to the running of profitable farming enterprises being highly available to stock, simple to use, economical and relaible. MuscleVite, with its unique mineral/vitamin balance is 100% bio-available to the animal.

Feeding Method – Orally or via a 24 hour water treatment system.

Feeding Recommendation – 5ml per 50kg of bodyweight.


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