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ProbiVit-E Top Dress & Oral Paste

For use during any periods of stress/change of diet


30g paste 1 Kg top dress 4 Kg top dress 10 Kg top dress


Top dress onto feed or mix into milk or water; administer syringe orally.

The intestines of all animals are lined with countless millions of bacteria that either help or hinder the breakdown and digestion of food. Under ideal natural conditions the levels of beneficial bacteria are higher than those pathogenic bacteria, which cause harm. This delicate balance is easily upset by chemical change that can occur within the intestine at times of stress. Such occurrences are often associated with weaning, intensive housing, transportation, batching and dietary changes.

Stockline ProbiVit-E products provide an easy way of supplying natural beneficial bacteria and Vitamin E to redress the balance between helpful and beneficial bacteria in the gut. A well-balanced and thriving gut population will assist all animals to grow and develop by ensuring efficient food utilisation.

Stockline ProbiVit-E products are exclusively made with beneficial probiotic bacteria, which is researched and marketed by the largest producer of bacteria for animal health in the world.  It comes in two convenient formulations; paste or a top dress which can be added onto the feed or mixing with milk replacers.

Stockline ProbiVit-E products should be given to:

  • All new animals as soon as possible after birth
  • All bought in or batched animals
  • All animals subject to stress
  • All animals suffering from loss of Appetite
  • After antibiotic treatment

Usage advice

Paste – Direct nozzle over back of tongue

  • Calves – 3g (1 syringe contains 1 0 Calf Doses)
  • Lambs – 2g (1 syringe contains 15 Lamb Doses)
  • Piglets – 2g (1 syringe contains 15 Piglet Doses)
  • Adult Animal – 1 Full Syringe

Top Dress – Sprinkle in the milk replacer or onto solid food

  • Calves – 10g per day until the calf is eating
  • Adult Cattle – 20g per animal per day
  • Dairy Cows – 20g per animal per day
  • Lambs – 5g per animal per day
  • Ewes – 1 0g per ewe per day
  • Piglets – 20g per day per litter top-dressed onto feed
  • Sows – 20g per sow for 14 days and 7 days past
  • Parturition – Top-dressed onto feed to reduce contamination of the environment for piglets with undesirable micro-organisms

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