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Stockline with Copper & Iodine

Stockline is a vitamin and trace element liquid drench designed to help support thrive & fertility in all livestock.


250 ml 1 Ltr 2.5 Ltr 5 Ltr 20 Ltr


Ewes – 7.5 ml per adult animal – 75kg
Ewe Tups – 7.5 ml 4 to 6 weeks prior to tupping
For all lambs after weaning and at 2/3 month intervals: Lambs up to 10kg: 1.5 ml Lambs up to 20kg: 2.5ml Cows: 60 mis at drying off and returns to service 60mls 7-10 days pre-calving and 1-3 days post calving
Cattle/Calves: 5mls per 50kg bodyweight
Goats and small camelids as for sheep, large camelids as for cattle.

Stockline contains chelated minerals, trace elements, vitamins and antioxidants to maximise bioavailability . Stockline is a vitamin and trace element liquid drench designed to help support thrive and fertility in all livestock.

Stockline with copper and Iodine contains NEW organic trace elements using unique structures to replace inorganic forms which are poorly absorbed by animals. This new unique form of liquid technology has properties designed to achieve higher absorption of trace elements and benefit performance of animals. This results in a greater impact on zoo-technical performance in many species, compared to other types of trace elements for more noticeable results.

Stockline with copper and iodine contains the ALL NEW easy flowing technology; this new innovative technology surpasses the current formulations on the market in appearance, smell and use, accurate dosing to requirements and less waste to the environment.

The drench contains the NEW Easy Flowing Technology, which allows:

  • More reliable measurement of the dose
  • The Drenching Gun fills quicker
  • The Drenching Gun Does not block
  • Longer life of the drenching Gun
  • Every last drop from the container is used
  • Less waste

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