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Supreme Finisher

Provides a concentrated Vitamin 'E' supplement for animals needing the highest level of input


4kg powder 10kg powder 20kg powder


Orally, mixed onto feed.

Daily Application

Cattle & Horses: 50g
Ponies: 25g
Sheep: 12.5g

High Performance Supplement

Supreme Finisher provides concentrated Natural Vitamin E for animals needing the highest level of nutritional input. Natural Vitamin E balanced with Selenium, Lysine and Methionine in an appetising glucose base provides a supplement ideal for breeding stock.

Supreme Finisher is a powerful anti-oxidant formula that helps to protect muscle tissue from the toxic effects of free radicals.

  • High Natural Vitamin E content for natural peak performance. Natural Vitamin E aids in the absorption of vitamins and minerals thus helping to improve the health status of the animal, including production, performance and immunity.
  • Four key ingredients in glucose base.
  • Assists in the maintenance of fertility.
  • Helps to maintain healthy muscle tissue.

Supreme Finisher also helps build healthy muscles and aids fertility.

Minimum analytical constituents per 50g:

  • Vitamin E – 3,000 iu
  • Lysine – 2,750 mg
  • D. L. Methionine – 1,000 mg
  • Selenium – 1 mg

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