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Twin Plus

Formulated feeding stuff for all ages of sheep for increased fertility, pre-tupping and during pregnancy


250 ml 1 Ltr 2.5 Ltr 5 Ltr 10 Ltr


Orally as a drench – mix into milk, water or top dress.


Feeding Method – Orally via a Drenching Gun

15 ml per 50Kg Bodyweight 7 – 21 days before mating
15 ml per 50Kg Bodyweight 4 – 6 weeks before lambing

Twin Plus

Twin Plus is a complementary feedingstuff for use in all ages of sheep.

Most importantly, Twin Plus has been specially formulated for Sheep. Use before tupping as well as during pregnancy.

It is supplied in a unique base of Glucose and Propylene Glycol, ass a result it causes enhanced absorption.

In other words Twin Plus is a uniquely formulated nutritional supplement for Sheep containing 20 different trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Essential for the nutritional maintenance of healthy sheep.

Do not feed to Texel or Rare Breed Sheep without consulting your Natural Stockcare Nutritionist or Veterinary Surgeon.


Twin Plus contains:

  • Glucose syrup & Propylene glycol.

Additives Per Litre

Vitamins Trace Elements Analytical Constituents
Vitamin A: 1,000,000 iu Iron (II) chelate of glycine hydrate: 900 mg Moisture: 74.9%
Vitamin D3: 300,000 Cobalt (II) acetate tetrahydrate: 94 mg Crude Oil & Fat: 7.5%
Vitamin E: 10,100 mg Zinc sulphate monohydrate: 70 mg Crude Protein: 1.1%
Vitamin B1: 775 mg Manganese sulphate monohydrate: 50 mg Lysine: 0.79%
Vitamin K3: 170 mg Potassium Iodide: 45 mg Crude Ash: 0.6%
Sodium selenite: 25 mg Crude Fibre: 0.1%
Sodium: 0.1%


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