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Ultra Mint Udder Cream

Ultra Mint aids in maintaining the healthy condition of cow’s udders.


Store in a Cool Dry Place.

Protect from Frost.

  • Use mainly for softening swollen udders, particularly at calving time and generally when udders are under pressure.
  • apply to the udder as required

Ultra Mint Udder Cream

Ultra Mint ia an udder cream which can be applied to cow’s udders, as a result maintains a healthy condition for your cow’s udders. Most importantly Ultra Mint udder dream contains natural ingredients and a 30% high quality Indian peppermint oil.

As a result of a new and improved formulation in a liniment Ultra Mint supports the cows own natural defence mechanisms.

In short the emulsion cream is designed for easy massage and absorption without leaving a greasy deposit which creates a natural soothing effect.


Ultra Mint  has a new and improved formula which contains contains:

  • Peppermint Oil
  • Cetyl and Stearyl Alcohols
  • Polyoxyethylene
  • Glycerine

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